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New website and changes

Feb 9, 2016

Please read on to find new changes to our website. 

Thank you for visiting the new Colchester Advice Network website. We hope you like the look and find it easy to use.

The Colchester Advice Network is a website set up so you can receive information for your queries via email. Colchester Citizens Advice currently runs the service, which is staffed by volunteers supported by paid staff.

Previous site

If you have tried to access this service in the past two weeks, you will be aware that the website was not available. This was due to the new site replacing the old.  I can only convey my sincerest apologies. We are aware this was unprofessional of us and have taken some valuable lessons from this.

So what has changed?

From a client perspective, not a lot has changed in how we run the site except with the email account we use. You still need to fill in a get advice form for us to communicate with you.

The email account we communicate through is different. We are no longer using the old email account and are instead using a new in-house email. If you have recently sent an email to the old email, we would recommend you send us a new get advice request through this site. We are currently looking at retrieving the old emails; however this may take some time.

Continued maintenance

As this is a change from the old to the new. We may experience some further technical difficulties. If you do not receive a response from us 5 days after requesting advice. Can you please contact:

This is not an account to receive advice from. If you can provide us with a brief explanation of when you submitted and an alternative way of contacting you. We then will look into this and contact you further.


If you would like to discuss with us your experience, or have any suggestions. We would welcome your feedback through our feedback form. If you provide us with your details, we also may like to contact you to follow up anything you have mentioned.

We hope you like the site and find it easy to use.

Our apologies again for the down time.


Colchester Advice Network. 



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